The Safe Space Sexual Assault and Violence Awareness Conference 2018

On June 16th 2018,The Safe Space Foundation Presents:

A SAFE SPACE : A Visceral Confrontation With The Real Life Effects Of The Prevalence of Sexual Assault

On Saturday, June 16th The Safe Space Foundation is inviting you to a Sexual Assault and Violence Conference from 10:00a.m to 2:00 p.m at the British Council.  

The conference aims to:

  • Protect sexual assault and violence victims, by equipping attendees with the knowledge and skills to care for victims post-assault and effectively deal with their offenders through the law.

  • Rewrite the narrative of sexual assault in Ghana, by denying offenders any opportunity to excuse their actions and refute the idea that victims may be blamable and demonized for their assault.

  • Educate the general public on the signs of sexual abuse, even in its earliest stages. And inform them on the psychological effect such abuse may have on victims in the long run.

  • Prevent further occurrences of sexual assault and violence by creating awareness of the issue, and providing a voice to the voiceless victims intimidated by rape culture in Ghana.

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