Children Advocacy and Educational Programs.

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Safer,Smarter kids

We can teach kids on safety against sexual violence.

The safe space foundation provides tools, curricula, and programs designed to raise awareness and reduce risk factors related to child sexual abuse.  Because we know that 95 percent of sexual abuse is preventable through education and awareness, we offer comprehensive child friendly educational material and program that teaches children,and parents the necessary tools to keep children safe. We provide training manuals, handbooks as well as visit schools to teach them about preventive and assertive skills on how to protect themselves in a case of assault.


Krav Maga

Self defense equips one to be able to protect themselves against an attacker.

Safety and Prevention Programs

At the safe space foundation , Our mission is to provide programs and resources that enable victims/survivors of domestic and sexual violence to regain control of their lives . We understand that the safety of a person is paramount and that even though the responsibility is not on the victim, we encourage victims of assault and people who need to equip themselves with defense skills in the likely case of an assault. We provide Krav Maga by our professional self defense instructors who teach on how to defend oneself which will provide them with a sense of safety in any given situation.



Rape is a violation of Basic Human Right.


We provide mental and emotional rehabilitation programs for survivors and victims of sexual violence, we recognize the trauma sexual violence can inflict on a victim so we offer free group counselling and therapy sessions for survivors to help aid in the recovery of their well-being.By providing survivors with professional tools that help assess their needs, evaluate alternatives, access caring and compassionate services, and be empowered to make decisions about their future. Counselling can help you explore the difficulties you may be experiencing in a non-judgmental, understanding environment. A counselor is there to help you to discover your own inner resources and allow you to look at things in a different way at your own pace.


The Safe Space Foundation aims to provide a safe house which would be used for all safe space activities and programs as well as serve as a temporary emergency safe house / shoulder for victims in potential danger or those who seek temporary shelter from a violent situation. The shelter can host a guest for a maximum of 30 days and have the services of the safe space available to them until they can be moved to a safer environment.